Embrace The Darkness Demo 2014

by Broken Glass Sanctuary

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released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Broken Glass Sanctuary Fremont, California

BGS look to push the limits of metal by combining many different influences, from Jazz to Death Metal.

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Track Name: Embrace The Darkness
In my hour of need
You weren't there for me
I did this on my own
With these scars I've shown
I continue to fight
As I have all these years
I will no longer carry
These constant fears
I wash away bitter memories
And erase the past

I will end this for good
No more will I suffer
I will overcome it all
You made me what I've become

I will end this all for good
No more will I suffer
I will overcome it all
You made me what I've become

Your god can't save you

I let my demons take over me
I'll accept what I am becoming
No longer am I myself
Lost all control of my conscience
Only driven by your suffering

I will embrace the hate within me
Darkness is now my reality
I let it consume what little there is left of me
Now all there's left to do is....

Become one
Embrace the darkness
Track Name: Rot
The world is now overcome with plague
Wiping out all in sight
There is nothing we can do
Succumbing to its wrath

We will perish in time
Wiping us all away
We will rot in our early graves
Becoming one with the earth in which we live

Living in our so-called heaven
We rot away in our self made hell

Only we can change our future
The purgatory in which we put ourselves through
Is the cause of our own doing
There is no one else to fucking blame
We are the ones responsible for the world we live in
The time is now to say goodbye
We are all hopelessly lost

Time has run out
We are all lost in our own hate
Too blind to see it all
We could have put a stop to this

Now we all rot in our personal hell