The Ruination of Perpetual Existence

by Broken Glass Sanctuary

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Our first professional release, The Ruination of Perpetual Existence is a album that has been in the works for over 2 years now. We are very happy with the end product, and we hope you are too.

While all the songs don't necessarily connect to each other, we feel that this album show our diverse influences, from Jazz to Slamming Brutal Death Metal, both of which we have plenty of local acts to draw influence from where we live.

The songs actually run in chronological order in which they were written, starting with our first written song, Embrace The Darkness, to Ruination, which was completed one month before the release of this CD.

We would like to give a special thanks to Our families and loved ones, Cody Fuentes, Zachary Taylor, and Trevor McCormack at Cranium Titanium for pushing us to be our best, and supporting us through the past two years.

Nick would like to thank: My Grandma for always supporting me and pushing me to continue doing what I love, My brother Kody, Duane Mullen for booking the early BGS shows and helping us get started, Andrew Manganiello from Midnight Management for all that he's done for our growing Bay Area Metal scene, Carlos from WENEEDMERCH, Jordan Quinn, Joe Fernandez, Jason Ague, all the bands I've became friends and ever shared a stage with and those that have supported and believed in this band since the beginning.

Sam would like to thank: Micah Payne for being the best metal fan ever, Garrett Miranda and Allen Moreno for getting myself and this band here today, and Hayley McLeod for the continued support and motivation to keep pushing myself further.


released February 27, 2016

Music written and performed by Broken Glass Sanctuary:
Nick Albert: Vocals
Sam Coleman: Drums and Backing Vocals
Andrew Holm: Guitar
Shane Hunt-Dussé: Bass

Recorded and Mixed by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings

Additional lyrics and vocals on Flesh Harvest and Ruination by Zachary Taylor of Obastra



all rights reserved


Broken Glass Sanctuary Fremont, California

BGS look to push the limits of metal by combining many different influences, from Jazz to Death Metal.

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Track Name: Embrace The Darkness
In my hour of need
You weren't there for me
I did this on my own
With these scars I've shown
I continue to fight
As I have all these years
I will no longer carry
These constant fears
I wash away bitter memories
And erase the past

I will end this for good
No more will I suffer
I will overcome it all
You made me what I've become

I will end this all for good
No more will I suffer
I will overcome it all
You made me what I've become

Your god can't save you

I let my demons take over me
I'll accept what I am becoming
No longer am I myself
Lost all control of my conscience
Only driven by your suffering

I will embrace the hate within me
Darkness is now my reality
I let it consume what little there is left of me
Now all there's left to do is....

Become one
Embrace the darkness
Track Name: Rot
The world is now overcome with plague
Wiping out all in sight
There is nothing we can do
Succumbing to its wrath

We will perish in time
Wiping us all away
We will rot in our early graves
Becoming one with the earth in which we live

Living in our so-called heaven
We rot away in our self made hell

Only we can change our future
The purgatory in which we put ourselves through
Is the cause of our own doing
There is no one else to fucking blame
We are the ones responsible for the world we live in
The time is now to say goodbye
We are all hopelessly lost

Time has run out
We are all lost in our own hate
Too blind to see it all
We could have put a stop to this

Now we all rot in our personal hell
Track Name: Rebellion (Death to a Tyrant)
He leads his own crusade
Destroying all that's good
Eliminating a nation and spilling all their blood
Innocents dying for what?
So he can sit upon his throne
Barking out orders to those who obey
Retaining his threshold on humanity

We will return
Never to be slaves again
We will not fall
Overthrowing the tyrants call

Thousands of people left to die
Under the rule of his dictatorship
Broken by the hands of their angry leader
They all just stand in his way
End the savagery, take his throne
Rebel against the greater evil
Put an end to his corruption
And hoist the head of the tyrant

Death will rain upon his soul

We will return
Never to be slaves again
We will not fall
Overthrowing the tyrants call
Track Name: Flesh Harvest ft. Zachary Taylor
Welcome in the new era
The age of apocalyptic
Havoc, Civilization
Ruled by soulless machines
Lifeless, godless entities
Slowly the earth is dying

Conquered by the future of humanity
Killing without an ounce of remorse
Spilling innocent blood in our streets
Death awaits us all

Soldiers of sadistic intentions
They show no mercy
Marching us forward to global enslavement
Forever designed to destroy us all
Blood feeding the war machines
Slaughtering millions beneath their feet
Extinction of the human race
We are all destined to fall

This travesty of the undead
Arisen to take back the lands from the living
Screams of hunger fuel death

Cybernetic organisms reigning with supremacy
Violently eradicating the swine of this world
Dying screams as flesh melts from bone
Crawling on our knees begging for mercy
Cold blunt steel crushes the skull
Harvesting organs for morbid mutations
Creating a new breed of homicidal beings
There's no hope left for mankind

A call to the righteous, how forsaken we are
Our father, our ghost, can't forgive these sins
Loudly we are buried alive in these tombs
Only death can silence the woes of the sins way
Track Name: Rapture
I watch as my world's imploding
Nothing I can do but sit and suffer
Was I meant to feel this pain?
Was it meant to be this way?

Alone with nothing more than my sorrow
No guarantee that I'll ever see tomorrow
I ache for one more chance to say goodbye
As I grasp at what is left of my life

Help mend my wounds never healed
Erase all pain that I feel
Keep me safe in your embrace

In my dreams
I call to you
Come to me
In my eternal sleep
Will I finally be free?
With you watching over me
I'm no longer alone
I'm now the shadowed one
Track Name: Ruination
I am your salvation
Your ruination
This is where it all began
And where it all will end
A plague from the farthest reaches
Deep and buried in time
Followers of disease, bring forth your offerings
I will fill the sky with locusts, I will burn out the sun.
Pillars constructed of iron from blood
Shed tears of blood as you witness this ruination
The eyes, the eyes shall see what has never been
The eyes will see what has always been
I am the disease you wished for
I am the salvation you will die for
Bask in the serenity of the locust’s bite
Rejoice in the poison that you swallow
None are above this death
All shall be below the ground
Shrines built on the blood of the weak
The eyes, the eyes shall see what has never been
The eyes will see what has always been
Our temple of dying has served its purpose
Our plague, our salvation, has reached our doors
Masquerading in the pools of our fallen
Ruination is here
Quickly they run into the locusts
Salvation has come now
Stare into the mouth of hell
Unblinking eyes stare blind into the light
With thoughts of seeing all
Yet none see the black
That envelope this world
Slowly the locusts tear you apart
Ripping away flesh from your bones
Till there's nothing left of you